F4- Undisbursed Fund

Rs. in Lakh
SL No Division Agency Work Name Unique Order No System Order No Order Memo No Order Date No of Bills Bill Amount Scheme Requisition Amount Allotment Amount
4 6 775.68 # 272.56 3.05
1 Jhargram Division SURAJ SERVICE STATION Fuel and lubricant bill for Sinking of (150 mmX 100 mmX 135mtr) RBTW by Rotary Method at different blocks under stand alone piped water supply scheme (SM/09915) of Jhargram Dist. under Jhargram Mechanical Division P.H.E Dte. 000592 214/A 30/09/2023 3 2.23 Stand Alone Units for Drought Like Situation Prone 8 Blocks of Jhargram District (Model Stand Alone Grid Power Operated Water Supply System for Habitations / Mouzas with 400 & More Population) under Mid-Term Plan of Master Plan. (SM/09915) 2.23 0
2 Jhargram Division BIDYUT KUMAR SANTRA R.C.C Piller and beam at low land area along the laying of 350 dia K-9 Raw Water Rising Main from intake to wtp of Sub- Surface Water Supply Scheme for Nayagram Block (Part) under Jhargram Sub-Division P.H.E. Dte. Under Jhargram Division P.H.E. Dte. 000592ORD/000142/2021-202 ORD/000142/2021-2022 345/ JSD 23/11/2021 1 3.05 Sub-Surface Water Based Piped Water Supply Scheme for Nayagram Block (Part) (SM/05634) 3.05 3.05
3 Jhargram Division ADITYA ARAV DEV CONS CO. PVT. Sinking of Tube Well ,Construction of Different Capacity R.C.C Over Head Reservoir Over Pile / Raft Foundation including sub soil investigation works with laying distribution system , Pump House & Providing Functional Household Tap Connection (41827 Nos), 000592ORD/000298/2023-202 ORD/000298/2023-2024 1727/JHD 30/09/2023 1 765.18 BARASOL AND ADJOINING MOUJAS PWSS at Gopiballavpur I Block. (SM/12324) 262.06 0
4 Jhargram Division MONDAL PRECISION PRIVATE LIMIT 8 nos. Stand Alone Water Supply System comprising of Pump House and Distribution Pipeline with Community Tank & provision of FHTC for SILDA GP ( CHAINBERA ZONE-III JOYPUR PWSS) under Binpur-II Block under Jhargram Division, PHE dte. (2nd Call Ref eNIT_36 000592ORD/000362/2023-202 ORD/000362/2023-2024 1951/JHD 22/11/2023 1 5.22 CHAINBERA ZONE-III JOYPUR & ADJOINING MOUJAS PWSS (SM/18746) 5.22 0
Total 6 775.68 # 272.56 3.05