F4- Undisbursed Fund

Rs. in Lakh
SL No Division Agency Work Name Unique Order No System Order No Order Memo No Order Date No of Bills Bill Amount Scheme Requisition Amount Allotment Amount
5 5 649.81 # 611.96 0
1 Siliguri W/S Division AKASH ENTERPRISE Laying distribution system along with construction of pump house with toilet (2 nos. at each zone), boundary walls ( 2 nos.at each zone ), boring of new tubewells by ODEX-165 ( 2 nos.at each zone) , providing FHTC With platform & other allied works under 000109ORD/000032/2023-202 ORD/000032/2023-2024 651/SWSD 15/06/2023 1 88.66 FULBARI PIPED WATER SUPPLY SCHEME ( ZONE-I, II& III) (SM/13509) 88.66 0
2 Siliguri W/S Division M/S BIRAT CONSTRUCTION Construction of 300 Cu.M. capacity R.C.C. Elevated Reservoir, 20 Mtrs. Staging Height at the head works site including distribution system with Providing Functional Household Tap Connection (FHTC), construction of Rig Bore Big Dia Deep Tubewell by ODEX-16 000109ORD/000082/2023-202 ORD/000082/2023-2024 1049/SWSD 28/07/2023 1 30.01 AUGMENTATION OF SHYAMDHAN PIPED WATER SUPPLY SCHEME (SM/18421) 30.01 0
3 Siliguri W/S Division SRINIWAS AGARWAL Construction Of 500 -1no & & 600 -1 No & 450 -1 No Cu.M. capacity R.C.C. Elevated Reservoir , 20 Mtrs. Staging Height at the head works site ( Zn-I, Zn-II & Zn-III) including distribution system (UPVC) with Rising Main,Providing Functional Household Co 000109ORD/000099/2023-202 ORD/000099/2023-2024 1082/SWSD 02/08/2023 1 356.45 AUGMENTATION OF MATIGARAHAT PIPED WATER SUPPLY SCHEME. (SM/14517) 340 0
4 Siliguri W/S Division UNIBRO INFRASERV PRIVATE LIMIT Construction of 150 cu.m. Overhead reservoir, 2 nos. Odex-165 Tubewell, laying distribution, Iron Elimination Plant, Pump House, boundary wall, TW and FHTC all complete under Augmentation of MADHYA BANSGAON (Zone-I) Piped Water Supply Scheme and Construct 000109ORD/000104/2023-202 ORD/000104/2023-2024 1130/SWSD 07/08/2023 1 148.96 AUGMENTATION OF MADHYA BANSGAON PIPED WATER SUPPLY SCHEME (SM/10724) 134 0
5 Siliguri W/S Division KAMAL GHOSH Laying distribution system along with boring of new tubewell, construction of pump house, boundary wall and providing FHTC at Singbhita, Dhulia, Dhuliar Chhat, Dakua, Tharu Bhita, Dagdhu mouza under JJM/Jal Swapna in connection with rejuvenation of DHULIA 000109ORD/000246/2022-202 ORD/000246/2022-2023 2095/SWSD 22/12/2022 1 25.73 REJUVENATION OF DHULIA PIPED WATER SUPPLY SCHEME (SM/12038) 19.29 0
Total 5 649.81 # 611.96 0