F4- Undisbursed Fund

Rs. in Lakh
SL No Division Unique Bill No System Bill No Bill Date Agency Work Name Unique Order No System Order No Order Memo No Order Date Bill Amount Scheme Requisition Amount Requisition Memo No Requisition Memo Date System Allotment No Allotment Date Allotment Number Allotment Amount
1 1.01 # 1.01 # 1.01
1 Bankura Division 000054BILL/00064/2022-202 BILL/00064/2022-2023 09/12/2022 MAKALI CONSTRUCTION Work Order for Laying extra UPVC pipeline to cover Handulia (1) & Metyaldoba (2) mouzas for construction and commissioning of ¿FHTC (Functional House Hold Tap Connection)¿ by retrofitting of Water Supply Scheme for Parsola, Zone-B and its adjoining Mouzas 000054ORD/000078/2022-202 ORD/000078/2022-2023 1299/BQA 15/06/2022 1.01 Construction and commissioning of FHTC (Functional House Hold Tap Connection) in Handulia (1), Metyaldoba (2), Lakhyatapal (3), Budhadhara (4), Kharkhari (6), Kharjuria (7), Peripathar (8) & Ramgar (33) mouzas by retrofitting of Water Supply Scheme for Pa (SM/09476) 1.01 2238/BQA 09/12/2022 FAD/001812/2022 14/12/2022 2295/DPHE-12/14 1.01
Total 1.01 # 1.01 # 1.01