F4- Undisbursed Fund

Rs. in Lakh
SL No Division Unique Bill No System Bill No Bill Date Agency Work Name Unique Order No System Order No Order Memo No Order Date Bill Amount Scheme Requisition Amount Requisition Memo No Requisition Memo Date System Allotment No Allotment Date Allotment Number Allotment Amount
2 0.95 # 0.95 # 0.39
1 Barasat Division 000009BILL/00171/2024-202 BILL/00171/2024-2025 13/05/2024 SWAPAN BANDYOPADHYAY. Salary of Sri Swapan Kumar Bandopadhyay, Contactual Assistant Engineer, Barasat Division, PHE Dte. for the month of March & April'2024 for support Activity under JJM. 000009 PHE/Estt/2 28/04/2022 0.56 Engagement of Contractual Assistant Engineers engaged in various divisions related to Support Activity under Jal Jeevan Mission (SM/11975) 0.56 1356/BD 14/05/2024 FAD/000415/2024 17/05/2024 FAD/000415/2024 0
2 Barasat Division 000009BILL/00335/2022-202 BILL/00335/2022-2023 10/01/2023 YOUTH DEVELOPMENT CENTER HONORARIUM FOR LABORATORY PERSONNEL 000009 PHE/1901/0 12/08/2015 0.39 Yearly operational charges of PHE Dte and NGO managed Laboratories related to WQMSP in connection with Jal Jeevan Mission under Barasat Division PHE Dte. (SM/11625) 0.39 81/BD 10/01/2023 FAD/002155/2022 13/01/2023 2689/DPHE-12/14 0.39
Total 0.95 # 0.95 # 0.39