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7 127.92
1 Raiganj Division ORD/000035/2020-2021 09/12/2020 1394/RD M/S J.S.B ASSOCIATE CONSTRUCTION FHTC OF PHULATTI WSS 7.56
2 Raiganj Division ORD/000111/2020-2021 23/12/2020 1512/RD HAQUE CONSTRUCTION FHTC OF DEBIGANJ WSS 18.37
3 Raiganj Division ORD/000159/2020-2021 23/12/2020 1504/RD M/S ARVI CONSTRUCTION FHTC OF MAHINAGAR WSS 3.06
4 Raiganj Division ORD/000160/2020-2021 23/12/2020 1502/RD KARTICK BISWAS FHTC OF GOPALPUR WSS 1.80
5 Raiganj Division ORD/000427/2023-2024 06/12/2023 3342/RD/PHE TAPAN KUMAR MAJUMDER NAMEDUTTA@GMAIL.COM Laying & Distribution pipeline at Dharampur Zone-II in connection with Augmentation of DHARAMPUR Zone-II at Goalpukhur-I Block of Uttar Dinajpur District under Raiganj Division.( Laying Distribution pipe line.) 71.53
6 Raiganj Division ORD/000428/2023-2024 12/12/2023 3392/RD/PHE AJIT PRAMANIK Designing, Supplying, Febrication, Erection on suitable RCC foundation, commissioning with 3(three) months Trial Run (including cost of routine testing of water sample and flow/hr for performance evaluation) of pressure type Iron Removal Plant as per desi 17.73
7 Raiganj Division ORD/000429/2023-2024 12/12/2023 3393/RD/PHE TAPAN KUMAR DUTTA ARNABD121@GMAIL.COM Additional Laying distribution and Rising Main of Pipe line for Barhans Pipe Water Supply Scheme (Barhans New PWSS) at Karandighi Block of Uttar Dinajpur District under Raiganj Division, PHE Dte. 7.87
Total 127.92