Work Order Tracking
Status Report on the Progress and Achievement at Individual Work Order Level

Rs. in Lakh
Sl No. District
As per Census (2011)
As per Census (2011)
Working Divisions
Schemes for which Work Order has been issued as per PHED-MIS
Scheme Category
Category of Scheme as per PHED-MIS
Work Name
Name of the Work as per the Issued Work Order
Name of AE entrusted Name of JE entrusted System Order No.
System Order Number
WO Number
Manual No. Provided by the Divisions as per PHED-MIS
WO Date
Date of Issuance of Work Order
Days of Completion
Target Days for Work Completion as per PHED-MIS
Agency Name
Agency Appointed Against this Work Order as per PHED-MIS
Work Value
Value of Work as mentioned in the Work Order as per PHED-MIS
Amount of Payment made for this Work Order as per PHED-MIS
Payment %
Percentage of Payment made for this Work Order as per PHED-MIS
Physical Progress %
Achievement of Physical Progress of the work under this Work Order as per PHED-MIS
1 154.6 90.46 58.51  
1 KALIMPONG Kalimpong -I Neorakhola W/S & Mtc.Div. PWS SCHEME FROM SAMTHARA KHOLA TO CENTRE GAON, PINTALAY GAON, GUDARA GAON, BICH GAON, CHETTRI GAON , SM/09612 New Piped Water Supply Scheme from Samthara Khola to Centre Gaon, Pintalay Gaon, Gudara Gaon, Bich Gaon and Chettri Gaon in Nimbong G.P. Block under Jal Swapno Programme within Kalimpong District Junior Engineer III ORD/000142/2021-2022 749/NKWSMD 28/02/2022 90 DINESH SHERPA 154.60 90.46 58.51 50
Total 154.60 90.46 58.51