Har Ghar Jal (HGJ) Village (Reported)
Status Report on the Progress and Achievement Har Ghar Jal Certification

Sl No. District
As per Census (2011)
As per Census (2011)
Gram Panchayat
As per Census (2011)
Villages as per Census (2011) matched with village list as per JJM-IMIS
Jl. No.
As per Census (2011)
1 Kalimpong Kalimpong-I BONG G.P Comesi Forest 72
2 Kalimpong Kalimpong-I PABRINGTAR G.P Lish Forest 86
3 Kalimpong Kalimpong-I PABRINGTAR G.P Chunabhati Bazar D.I.F. 87
4 Kalimpong Kalimpong-I TEESTA G.P Mangber Forest 51
5 Kalimpong Kalimpong-I TEESTA G.P Birik Forest 78
6 Kalimpong Kalimpong-II GITDABLING Chumang Forest 35
7 Kalimpong Kalimpong-II GITDABLING Paygang Khasmahal 38
8 Kalimpong Kalimpong-II GITDABLING Bokhim Khasmahal 39
9 Kalimpong Kalimpong-II LAVA-GITBEONG Lava Bazar D.I.F. 15
10 Kalimpong Kalimpong-II PEDONG Pedong Bazar D.I.F. 5
11 Kalimpong Kalimpong-II SANGSEY Icha Forest 24