F5- Agency Registration Information
Vendor Registration Portal

Sl. No. Request No Request Date Registration No Registration Reason Vendor Code Vendor Name Approval Flags Approval Date Rejected Reason
1 REQ/2023/308 2023-08-14 REG/2023/32 Oriental Engineering Co Rejected 2023-08-23 Duplicate
2 REQ/2023/1022 2023-08-16 REG/2023/567 Please Issue us vendor code at earliest DAS ENTERPRISE Rejected 2023-08-23 Duplicate
3 REQ/2023/4793 2023-08-22 REG/2023/794 Working Agency of the Division M/S S S ENTERPRISE Rejected 2023-08-24 Duplicate
4 REQ/2023/9492 2023-09-25 REG/2023/194 BHARATI CHEMICAL & SCIENTIFIC WORKS Rejected 2023-09-30 Duplicate