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2 79.22
1 Tamluk Division ORD/000906/2023-2024 11/01/2024 250/TD M/S. NEW DINDA ENTERPRISE Rising main (Balance Portion) with laying of 200mm dia & 150 mm dia DI (K-9) From 2nd Tube Well & 4th Tube Well Site to O.H.R. Site and other allied works for Sherkhanchak Zone-I Water Supply Scheme in Khejuri-II Block within Contai Sub-Division unde 7.34
2 Tamluk Division ORD/001177/2023-2024 28/02/2024 721/TD TARUN KOLEY Laying of 90 mm dia HDPE Pipe Lines With allied works to accommodate Total 4893 nos FHTC of Augementation of Contai Saline Area Zone -III (Phase-B) Water Supply Scheme within Contai-I Block under Contai Sub-Division of Tamluk Division, PHE Dte. Purba Med 71.88
Total 79.22