List of villages where scheme Approved in SlSSC

SL No District
As per Census (2011)
As per Census (2011)
Gram Panchayat
As per Census (2011)
As per Census (2011)
Retrofitting/ Augmentation Scheme under Parent Scheme as per PHED-MIS
TSM Code
Temporary Scheme Code as per PHED-MIS
Total Households
Household information of the Covered Villages as per JJM-IMIS
Approved FHTC Count considered under the Village Modified after appropriation in YDU as per PHED-MIS
1 4,789 360
1 MURSHIDABAD Farakka MAHADEV NAGAR Mahadeb Nagar (CT) Augmentation of Mahadebnagar Zone- I C Water Supply Scheme Block - Farakka, Dist- Murshidabad.(SM/16173) TSM/018059 4,789 360
Total 4,789 360